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INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us

INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us

Injustice is another great iOS game that hits the store. Injustice is a fighting simulator game. This game is based on the fictional universe of DC Comics But first let me give you first a short description on where this game is available and its requirements.

Injustice: Gods among us
Available in Appstore for free
Requires: iOS 5 above
Works with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4, iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5.
This game is also available on PS3, Xbox 360, wii U

Injustice is a great fighting game, great graphics, great display, great gameplay. Injustice looks like a Mortal Kombat game. Why Mortal Kombat? Because this game is created by the creators of Mortal Kombat. The fighting style is like Mortal Kombat, You can create and break some combos. Character movements are also like Mortal Kombat.

Gameplay is good the backgrounds are 3d, each fight has only one round but you have 2 health bars, when you ran out of health then the game is over and you lose the match. The game only uses four buttons assigned with different attacks and one of the four button is assigned for a special attack of each character. Each character has their own unique abilities that might be helpful to them. Just like Mortal Kombat some stages has their tweak like attacking your opponent and he will go into the other part of the stage.

This game also has story mode where you can play game chapters and finish the game. This game is good especially if you love Mortal Kombat gameplay. You might just check out the game for some additional information about the game. But before we end this let me give you the list of playable characters.

Characters in the game:
Black Ada   
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Harley Quinn
Killer Frost
Lex Luthor
Solomon Grundy
Wonder Woman

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Punch Hero


Punch hero is a sports game to be more specific it’s a boxing game. This game is so beautiful a boxing game with a lot of techniques and more tweaks. So first let’s start on how to get this game and the requirements.

Punch Hero is available on AppStore and its free to download, this game is compatible with iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd Generation), iPod Touch (4th Generation), iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPad and requires iOS 4.2 above.

Well about this game as what I’ve said earlier this game is Boxing so at this point I hope you know some background of this game. But what makes this game addictive? For me this game is addictive because I also used to spend my time playing this game, and let me tell you something about this game. This game is good because it lets you to fully customize your characters and avatars, it also lets you import/ create your own opponent.

To start this game you need to know first some basic moves.

Jab a quick move that lets you hit straight your opponent this move is quickly done by tapping your screen

Hook is punch from left or right arm to the face of your opponent, this move is done by simply swiping the screen of your device left to right or right to left depends on what hook you want to give.

Uppercut is a heavy blow punch this move is simply done by swiping the screen from bottom to top left/right of the screen

Blocking is  a move to simply block your opponents attack this move is done by placing to fingers on your screen to avoid heavy punches, but Blocking can’t avoid critical punches.

Dodging is a quick move done to easily dodge your opponents attack instead of blocking it. So Why dodging as what I’ve said earlier Blocking can’t block critical punches and may result a great damage to your health. So for me dodging is the best option dodging is easily performed by quickly tapping the button arrow below the screen you can dodge left or right.

Tips on dodging punches
                Left punch can be quickly dodge by left dodge and right punch can easily dodge by a right dodge. So make sure take a look where your enemies punch comes from.

Rage meter is seen below your health bar. This meter fills when you hit your opponent or when you are hit by your opponent, when this meter comes full you can quickly press it to perform your rage move. Rage skills can be purchased on the skill shop.
So the main point of this game is to own the game.

How do you dominate the game?

                Play and Play earn gold so you can buy some stuff, clothes, gloves, boots, acc. and etc. Earning some gold to this game is very important for you to be able to upgrade your stuffs that can fully enhance the speed, stamina, health and strength of your character and of course having this is a big advantage.

Upgrade and Train your skills and stats.

                Having gold can help you train some skills and learn some new moves. Make sure you train more and spend your gold wisely. Check out Training center for some detailed information.
Game modes:

Arcade mode lets you play with and select a computer generated enemy a good start for beginners.

Amateur League a more advanced cpu players that can own you. Finishing this league entitles you and you are being rewarded with a belt, where you can wear this belt and gain some extra attributes.

Pro League a more advanced with some good cpu players that can quickly own you again this league entitles you a belt that will give you more attributes and boost your stats.

Zombie mode is a mode where you can play with some ghost players and you can easily earn some gold with this mode.

I hope I’ve explained some basics of the game. I rate this game 8/10 and I can suggest it’s a good game and give it a try. I’m pretty sure you will love this game
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