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Candy Crush Saga combinations


Okay now my blog is all about the combination of power ups, on my previous blog I explained all about the power ups, the patterns on how to get a certain power ups and the abilities of each power ups, now I'm creating this blog to gain you some more knowledge about the combination of power ups, we all know that having a power up in game is a big advantage but you didn't know that we can combine different power ups to become it more powerful. I will try to provide and describe each power ups combinations as far as I can. so now lets start with some basic combinations. But wait combining 2 powers ups doesn't require 2 form a 3 or same candies in a row or column if the two power ups are sitted next to each cell you have just to swap it and it will explode

2 Stripes Candy

 Combining 2 stripe power ups will give you a nice cross explosion what i mean cross is vertical and horizontal explosion. See pictures below

this is the explosion I'm talking about red lines on the picture are the pattern of explosion
notice that cross pattern explosion, all candies on the red line are part of the explosion and all candies will be cleared, if that candy has a jelly jelly will be cleared during the explosion.

Okay now lets proceed to the next combination

1 Stripe and 1 Wrapped Candy

Combining this 2 power ups will result to a 3 horizontal and 3 vertical explosion, a bit huge and big help to clear jellies, any color will do as long 1 stripe and 1 wrapped candy will be combined. To see what explosion I was talking about kindly refer to the picture below for the explosion guide.

This is the explosion im talking about nice explosion right? 3 vertical lines and 3 horizontal all candies will be cleared on the red lines, red lines are the pattern of explosion, If jellies are present on the path of explosion jellies will be cleared.

Next combination is my favorite hope you will like this combination too.

1 Stripe and 1 Donut or Colorful Candy 

 This combination is a big help once you combined this donut to any stripe candy all candies on that color will turn to stripe candy and will explode according to the line of the stripes whether its vertical or horizontal one. See picture below for the effect of this combination.

Before we combine

After the combination

 I combine the 1 stripe candy to the donut and this is what happened after the combination
all the blue candies turn in to a stripe candy, lines are randomly vertical or horizontal, then after it turn to stripe explosion will occur all blue candies with stripes explode according to the lines. Notice the effect of this combination when all the striped candies explode it can easily clear all the candies and jellies.

Our Next Combination is a hard to get combination.

2 Donut or 2 Colorful candy or sweet candies or whatever it is called

Combining this two powerups will result to a great clean up of the candies and jellies on the board. I will now provide anymore screenshot to the effect of this combination because as what  I've said this power up will clean or wipe entire candies on the board hope you get what I mean. A very powerful combination but a lot harder to get.

Next combination would be 

1 Donut candy and 1 Wrapped candy

This is also a rare combination but i would rather prefer a donut and a stripe combination rather than this donut and wrapped combination, but before anything else let me also explain how this combination will do. I will also not provide screenshot for this combination because it just it will clear the color you combined with the donuts 2 times. Just simple as that

Well lets move to the  next combination

2 Wrapped Candies

As we know this wrapped candy explodes 9 cell but how about if we combine 2 wrapped candies?
well guess is it powerful? Okay let me tell you how this power up perform when combined take a look at the picture below.

Yes it will explode that big, a 30 cell explosion surrounding the combination or your wrapped candies, but wait its not just single explosion its a 2x 30 cell explosion, Yes Im serious you might give it a try, a great explosion for you to clear those jellies fast

Hope this article helps you about those Candy Crush Saga combinations.

Thank you for spending time to visit and read my blog

have a great day everyone

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