Saturday, April 13, 2013

4 Pics in 1 Word

4 Pics in 1 Word

Have you ever heard about this game? To start about this let me give you some introduction about this game. 4 Pics in 1 word is a puzzle game. This Game is available in all Ios devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Itouch and free to download check Appstore for downloads. 4 Pics in 1 Word is also available in Android devices you might also check Google Play Store for downloads and its also free to download.

4 Pics in 1 Word is qualified as a top grossing apps now, you can see some pictures of this app on your social media networking site asking for some help to their friends to be able to solve the puzzle.

4 Pics in 1 Word is all about getting the common denominator of 4 pics given to be able to get the correct answer. It's a mind blowing game that requires basic thinking a good knowledge some might find this hard but some find it easy.

4 Pics in 1 word got plenty of levels, I think got more than hundreds of levels to play. So addicting when you're just sitting. In every level you are given 4 Pictures this 4 pictures serves as your clue or hint this 4 pictures have common and you must get those common to be able to find the right word for the puzzle. Every puzzle gives you a 12 random letter to choose from to solve the puzzle.

Each level you finish gives you small points or coins, this coins are used to purchase hints and tips that might help you solve the puzzle.

Buttons that might help you:

Show a letter button this button will help you reveal a random letter in the puzzle. each click will cost you 60 coins, so each letter you want to reveal will cost you 60 coins.

Delete letter button this button allows you quickly delete 3 letters that is not included in the solution of the puzzle. 80 coins is deducted every time you use this button. If you want to use it again it will cost the same 80 coins.

Make sure you use your coins wisely. In case you don't have enough coins and you want to purchase coins. you can quickly top the coins icon on the upper right corner of the screen and you can purchase coins via Appstore. In case you dont want to spend real money you can easily read the last option button check below.

The last option button :)

4 Pics in 1 word has a Facebook button so you can quickly ask for help to your facebook friends who has already completed the current puzzle you cant solve.

Overall Rating for this game is awesome, nice great mind bugling application, that enhances your mind and IQ. I will rate this app 5/5. Give it a try you might also enjoy this app.

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