Monday, April 29, 2013

Modern War

Modern War

Modern war i s a popular game now on itunes and google store, It is a combat strategy game that lets you fight you enemies from country to country. Join faction in fight some other faction. This game is good all over i can rate this game a 5/5. This game looks like similar to crime city a popular facebook and appstore game a year ago. This game is so simili to Crime City, Hot the game flows the graphics and some of the features.

Build your own base and complete some goals to dominate your enemies, build some units to easily complete your missions and goals, build your armies and collect and buy many weapons as you can to easily dominate your foe in a fight. 

This game uses energy to complete your goals fast. Everytime you do something your energy decrease, and it regenerates as time pass by. Your stamina is the key to be able to fight other players it also decreases every fight you made. You just have to use your energy and stamina wisely it also increase every minute.

There are some also upgrades you need to your barracks to be able to produce more stronger armies to win the fight. Build your base upgrade your structures and conquer other country.

This game is very addicted I highly recommend this game to all of you. This game is available in all i devices in appstore and some android platform in google play store. This game is free to download. It also have a monthly domination event you can join and see your country dominate them.

I might give you some tips to fully owned this game and conquer your other country and enemies, all you have to do is play this game continuously, play this game every minute, every hour, and every day and you can see that your climbing to the top and your owning you enemies, and conquering other country.

Thanks for spending your time raeding and visiting my blog happy gaming


Hay Day


Have you ever heard of this game? Hay Day is a top grossing and top free apps on the apple store. This game is also created by the Supercell the creator of the one of the most popular game Clash of Clans. Supercell is the leading applications in the appstore because of the good quality games they created.

Well Lets start with this Game Hay day is a fastest growing game now in the appstore. This Game is a strategy game just like a farmville or much closer to farmville 2 because of its unique gameplay and an awesome graphics it has. Hay day is like a harvesting game where you should visit your farm every minute, every hour, or every day to be able to harvest your products, This game is good, its user friendly, it also has a good community which can easily help you in the game because this game is leading on the apple store.

Your main objective to the game is to plant crops then sell your crops, breed animals, sell their products, or you can make new products to the products of your crops and animals. You can also connect your facebook or game center friends so that if you need something you can easily look for a hand to help you using your friends. This game also has a goal to reach. You can complete each goal to easily help you earn money and gold.This game has  a lot of new features when planting and harvesting crops you can easily drag your fingers to the plowed soil and crops are being planted easily just swipe you fingers for a fast planting, this feature is very good upgrade to the old strategy game where you need to click each soil to plant.

I enjoyed playing this game during my spare time, It can help me overcome my stress and serve as my stress reliever. This game is so easy to play you wont get hard time because it has a tutorial on the first time you open the game. 

Overall I can rate this game a 5/5, Its pretty awesome game, contents, graphics, gameplay, and community is good. You might try it you can easily get addicted and hooked into this game. Just search Hayday on apple store and download it for free.

But let me remind you first that this game requires an active internet connection every time you connect to the game.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Flow Free

Flow Free

I want to post review this app. Flow free another top grossing in iTunes Appstore, A very challenging puzzle game. 
First of all Flow Free is available on Idevices such as Iphone, Ipad, Itouch. Flow Free is also available on Android devices. This game is also available on Windows, PC through web just search on google.
What can i say about this game
     Well this game is very addictive, I've been spending few hours a day playing this game. A very nice puzzle game.

How to play Flow Free
     Well this game is very easy to play what you have to do is to connect all the dots to its corresponding color. Sounds easy right? but its more complicated than you thought, a bit challenging right? Yes you're right this game is very challenging its not that easy to connect those dots, Connecting the dots to each corresponding color is not that easy because you cant intersect lines to each other meaning you can override each lines. so you have to be careful with your paths and make sure you have the correct path to be able to connect all those dots in the entire puzzle.
 Flow free, free to play offers you a different packs

a Regular Pack that gives you a free 5x5 to 9x9 boards with 150levels
a Bonus Pack that gives you 5x5 to 9x9 boards with with 150 levels
a Green Pack that gives you a Premium 5x5 to 9x9 boards with 150 levels
a 7x7 Mania pack that gives you a free all 7x7 boards all the time with 150 levels
a 8x8 Mania pack that gives you a free all 8x8 boards all the time with 150 levels
a 9x9 Mania that gives you a free all 9x9boards all the time with 150 levels
a Jumbo Pack for iPad users that gives you a free 10x10 to 14x14 boards with 150 levels

It also Offers paid boards for a nice price just check out the store prices may change
as of now it only offers a 3.99$ to unlock every level in the pack a cheap price that can satisfy your gaming.
Some packs are only available for iPad because of large board only iPad can handle this board because iPad has a bigger screen resolution.

This game also offer a Time trial mode where you can play the game with a limited time. Entering this mode allows user to fully customized the board size and the time on playing the board. This will better enhance you skills. puzzles solved in this mode are all recorded for you to be able to check on how many puzzles you've solved in different type of boards with different time of your choice.

You might try this game out if you still haven't. You might just like this addicting puzzle game.

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Happy gaming everyone

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor

Bridge constructor is a simulation game that needs a lot of thinking and a little bit knowledge, well this game is a build construction game even though you are not a real engineer you can build your own bridge here.

Before we start this game is available on the following devices:
  • Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S
  • Apple iPad, 2, 3
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Android 2.2
  • PC
For Ios Devices this game require Ios 4+

Feel free to check appstore and google play store for the download
I think this game cost 1.99$.

Okay back to the game, in this game you played as a bridge constructor, you are given a limited budget for each stage to use to buy materials for your bridge, the less money you use the more points you will earn.

Tip: Spending few money or budget on a certain level will give you achievements.

This game has more than 30 levels to choose from, You cannot proceed to the next level or area until you complete the current level you are in. Just be sure to spend your money wisely in every levels, you cannot exceed to the budget you have per level.

Bridge Constructor gives you a good experience on how to fully build a bridge to reach the expected cost. Some level might give you limited materials for example a level where you can only use wood as a material for your bridge, sometimes you can use metal for your construction

Here is the list of material available on the whole game. Remember the longer the materials you used the higher cost will be. There is also a length limit for each materials

Wood this material is the main material for your bridge, all level requires this wood to be as the main road of your bridge. It cost cheap than any other materials prices depends on the length of the wood.

    Stone this material doesn't necessarily needed, this stone used as a          foundation in the side of your bridge, this stone cost much but with a higher
durability among the other material. Stone and wire is a good combination for the support of your bridge. You can only build this stone on yellow dots. Costs depends on how tall your stone is.

Wire a very nice material to use, very cheap and has a longer length. This wire is very usable in many situation building like hanging bridge which your wire can be used to sustain the pressure of your bridge, Use this wire wisely and you can save a lot of money. Thumbs up for this material.

 Steel a good material but cost much than wood, but this material has more durability than wood in can sustain more than wood. I don't use this material as much as wood but its a good substitute for wood, Again cost vary depending on the length of the material.

This game has 5 areas to choose from, remember before you can proceed to the next area you have to finish your current area first

First Area - Westlands
 A very nice area with 8 levels for beginners

Second Area - Central Mainland
Area with also 8 levels to finish an advance stage for beginners with few challenging levels

Third Area - The Ridge
Still consist of 8 levels but difficulty increase at this middle game, more challenging bridges

Fourth Area - Eastern Mainland
Well at this stage it has also 8 levels, when you're in this level you are a great bridge constructor
levels are harder now and more complicated and challenging.

 Fifth Area - Tamassee
At last you're on the final area 8  levels of small bridges but you need to allocate carefully your budget. This area is a bit challenging.

During game play the game will provide you a grid spacing for you to be able to calculate your materials and bridge accurately. Build your bridge now and test your skills each level gets harder and harder. Connect each materials on the dots. In this stage basic building techniques a triangle support is a good pattern that results to a higher durability of the bridge, simple yet effective way.

Once you have completed your bridge and you think its strong enough for the vehicles to pass press the play button to test it first with cars, if cars can pass then you're good to go you might test the trucks to see if your bridge can handle trucks.

If the trucks pass successfully on your bridge then congratulations you have just build your first bridge and be ready for more challenge.

If you are stuck in a level you might give another try to revised the design of your bridge. This games requires knowledge skills creativity and patience.

I have been playing this game and i already finish all the levels with lots of achievements.

There are more than 30 levels waiting for you. Try it now and become a bridge constructor now

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Happy Gaming

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

4 Pics in 1 Word

4 Pics in 1 Word

Have you ever heard about this game? To start about this let me give you some introduction about this game. 4 Pics in 1 word is a puzzle game. This Game is available in all Ios devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Itouch and free to download check Appstore for downloads. 4 Pics in 1 Word is also available in Android devices you might also check Google Play Store for downloads and its also free to download.

4 Pics in 1 Word is qualified as a top grossing apps now, you can see some pictures of this app on your social media networking site asking for some help to their friends to be able to solve the puzzle.

4 Pics in 1 Word is all about getting the common denominator of 4 pics given to be able to get the correct answer. It's a mind blowing game that requires basic thinking a good knowledge some might find this hard but some find it easy.

4 Pics in 1 word got plenty of levels, I think got more than hundreds of levels to play. So addicting when you're just sitting. In every level you are given 4 Pictures this 4 pictures serves as your clue or hint this 4 pictures have common and you must get those common to be able to find the right word for the puzzle. Every puzzle gives you a 12 random letter to choose from to solve the puzzle.

Each level you finish gives you small points or coins, this coins are used to purchase hints and tips that might help you solve the puzzle.

Buttons that might help you:

Show a letter button this button will help you reveal a random letter in the puzzle. each click will cost you 60 coins, so each letter you want to reveal will cost you 60 coins.

Delete letter button this button allows you quickly delete 3 letters that is not included in the solution of the puzzle. 80 coins is deducted every time you use this button. If you want to use it again it will cost the same 80 coins.

Make sure you use your coins wisely. In case you don't have enough coins and you want to purchase coins. you can quickly top the coins icon on the upper right corner of the screen and you can purchase coins via Appstore. In case you dont want to spend real money you can easily read the last option button check below.

The last option button :)

4 Pics in 1 word has a Facebook button so you can quickly ask for help to your facebook friends who has already completed the current puzzle you cant solve.

Overall Rating for this game is awesome, nice great mind bugling application, that enhances your mind and IQ. I will rate this app 5/5. Give it a try you might also enjoy this app.

Again thanks for spending time visiting and reading my blog. Hope you had a great time.

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Tilt To Live

Tilt to Live


Tilt to live if you not familiar about this game kindly checkout and take time to read. Well this game is very addictive.

First before i start some review about this game, this game is available on all idevices such as iphone,ipad, and itouch.
kindly feel free to visit appstore, free version is available for download but you might want to purchase the full version check out appstore
for the price of the full version.

This game works by the accelerometer of the device, by tilting your device i hope you know what im talking about. So do you have any idea how
the game works?

This game is played by avoiding to crash on some red dots that appear on your game screen. Earn points and unlock achievements while playing long
as long as you play the harder the game starts.

This game has no choices for difficulty because the longer you survive the harder the game gets and and there are different kinds of powers to
help you destroy the red dots that are chasing you and suvive longer.

There are 5 different kinds of gametype.

1.Classic mode - This mode is the normal type of the game play

2.Code Red - This mood is same as the classic mode but much more harder because the red dots spawns much more faster than normal.

3.Gauntlet Evolved - This mode is different, where you have to collect the orbs and to not let you get touch by the red dots while dodging there attacks, attacks are formed by Knife or Axe.

4.Frostbite - this mode is where you try really hard to smash all of the frozen red dots before they touch the ground and if they touch the ground they will released from there frozen state and will chase you down. There will be 1 power up to help you fight them.

5.Viva la Turrt! - This mode is basically performed getting the turret power up and shooting all the red dots from the turret and collecting all the jewels to get much more points.

Power Ups this are the special items that you can get while playing this power ups will help you survice some instances and will help you kill those red dots chasing you.
I dont know the names of the power ups but i will name it thay i think.

Nuclear - a red power up that explodes in a small range, it will help you to escape some instances with using this nuclear.


Homing - A yellow ball that fires up a homing missile destroying red dots, thats why i call it Homing.


Crystal - A blue power up that when bumped explode and froze red dots near to it, when red dots are frozen u can quickly bumped to it to break it and earm some points.


Wave - A color violet power up that lets you fire a like sonic wave, this wave fires up to 1.5 second charge so be sure to aim good before firing, using this wave correctly will be a good choice to survive the game.


Spike - A blue power up that when activated your cursor will be surrounded by spikes and you can quickly chase some red dots to destroy and earn points.


Shield - a green power up that activates a shield. This shield is very useful it can save your life once, and once you've been hitted by a dot with a shield you will now die and the shield will explode killing some dots.


Blackhole - A color violet power ups that when bumped it will bounce and countdown to 5 seconds and a blackhole will appear attracting all the red dots including you.

Turret - A power up that will quickly turn your cursos into a turret, this turret shoots bullet so you can shoot some red dots using your turret.
    Tip: while you are in a turret you can quickly shoot another turret power up be sure to hit it continously when you do it correctly the turret power up will come close to you until it reaches you and activate another turret to yourself.

Fire - A power up that charges fire. This power up is also helpful escaping some instances when you are about getting cornered. This power up will charge a second and you can control it, the path you walk will have a fire that burns red dots.

Electric - A power up that gives you an electric charge, its veryuseful when dots are closely connectd to each other just give them a bump and electric currently will continue to flow to the connected dots gaining you a plus bonus points.

Sorry to Say I don't still have the other screenshots of the power ups, My Ipad have been recenlty formatted and i lose all my game data, Inlcluding those power ups that have been unlocked before. But I promised to update this blog to provide screenshot to other power ups. I dont want to stole others pictures from Google, I want to provide my own screenshot.
This game is highly addictive so be careful. Another great tip is you need to unlock achievements so you can unlock other power ups in game.

Note: Starting the game first time gives you few power ups so you need to complete and finish some achievements to be able to unlock some power ups.

Tip: Be sure to kill red dots not only to dodge them with this technique u can quickly game combo, another thing is to survive as much as you can.

Why dont you give a try to this game I am surely you will love this game.

Thanks for giving time visiting and rading my blog

Happy Gaming everyone

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Candy Crush Saga combinations


Okay now my blog is all about the combination of power ups, on my previous blog I explained all about the power ups, the patterns on how to get a certain power ups and the abilities of each power ups, now I'm creating this blog to gain you some more knowledge about the combination of power ups, we all know that having a power up in game is a big advantage but you didn't know that we can combine different power ups to become it more powerful. I will try to provide and describe each power ups combinations as far as I can. so now lets start with some basic combinations. But wait combining 2 powers ups doesn't require 2 form a 3 or same candies in a row or column if the two power ups are sitted next to each cell you have just to swap it and it will explode

2 Stripes Candy

 Combining 2 stripe power ups will give you a nice cross explosion what i mean cross is vertical and horizontal explosion. See pictures below

this is the explosion I'm talking about red lines on the picture are the pattern of explosion
notice that cross pattern explosion, all candies on the red line are part of the explosion and all candies will be cleared, if that candy has a jelly jelly will be cleared during the explosion.

Okay now lets proceed to the next combination

1 Stripe and 1 Wrapped Candy

Combining this 2 power ups will result to a 3 horizontal and 3 vertical explosion, a bit huge and big help to clear jellies, any color will do as long 1 stripe and 1 wrapped candy will be combined. To see what explosion I was talking about kindly refer to the picture below for the explosion guide.

This is the explosion im talking about nice explosion right? 3 vertical lines and 3 horizontal all candies will be cleared on the red lines, red lines are the pattern of explosion, If jellies are present on the path of explosion jellies will be cleared.

Next combination is my favorite hope you will like this combination too.

1 Stripe and 1 Donut or Colorful Candy 

 This combination is a big help once you combined this donut to any stripe candy all candies on that color will turn to stripe candy and will explode according to the line of the stripes whether its vertical or horizontal one. See picture below for the effect of this combination.

Before we combine

After the combination

 I combine the 1 stripe candy to the donut and this is what happened after the combination
all the blue candies turn in to a stripe candy, lines are randomly vertical or horizontal, then after it turn to stripe explosion will occur all blue candies with stripes explode according to the lines. Notice the effect of this combination when all the striped candies explode it can easily clear all the candies and jellies.

Our Next Combination is a hard to get combination.

2 Donut or 2 Colorful candy or sweet candies or whatever it is called

Combining this two powerups will result to a great clean up of the candies and jellies on the board. I will now provide anymore screenshot to the effect of this combination because as what  I've said this power up will clean or wipe entire candies on the board hope you get what I mean. A very powerful combination but a lot harder to get.

Next combination would be 

1 Donut candy and 1 Wrapped candy

This is also a rare combination but i would rather prefer a donut and a stripe combination rather than this donut and wrapped combination, but before anything else let me also explain how this combination will do. I will also not provide screenshot for this combination because it just it will clear the color you combined with the donuts 2 times. Just simple as that

Well lets move to the  next combination

2 Wrapped Candies

As we know this wrapped candy explodes 9 cell but how about if we combine 2 wrapped candies?
well guess is it powerful? Okay let me tell you how this power up perform when combined take a look at the picture below.

Yes it will explode that big, a 30 cell explosion surrounding the combination or your wrapped candies, but wait its not just single explosion its a 2x 30 cell explosion, Yes Im serious you might give it a try, a great explosion for you to clear those jellies fast

Hope this article helps you about those Candy Crush Saga combinations.

Thank you for spending time to visit and read my blog

have a great day everyone

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Candy Crush Saga Candies Combination

Candy Crush Saga

Okay now lets Start the game:

Type of game:

 Bring Down the ingredients in this type of game you must bring own all the ingredients in the game to the bottom of the puzzle with the number of moves given to you and by completing the required score.
 Clear are the Jelly, simple as that you just need to pop up and clear all the jellies in the puzzle and you should meet up the required score to be able to finish the game.
 Collect all orders in this game you need to finish all the requirements and meet the required scored to finish the game.

 In this type of game you are given a specific time to meet the required points to finish the game. Failure to meet the required score within the specific time results to gameover.

Okay now lets go to the real game play.

Okay now lets go to the lines below is a picture of 4 line, getting 4 lines in a row will give you a special stripes candy.

Here is the vertical stripes candy im talking about, this vertical stripe candy is a good power up when this stripe candy combine with other two or more two form another row it will explode and clear all the ling vertically, it clears all the jellies in its row.

 Now lets go to the vertical, getting 4 the same candies can make a special horizontal stripe candy

 This it the horizontal stripe candy produce by getting 4 the same candies in a row or column same as i mentioned above but it explodes horizontally

 Now lets go to the L shape pattern in this pattern we create an L shape of the same candies it's kinda hard to create this kind of pattern but you might have this accidentally when you're playing what power up we will get forming this pattern well explain below.

This it the result of combining L shape pattern a wrapped candy this power up is powerful, once you combined it with 2 or more same candies in a row or column it will explode up to 9 cell the center of explosion is the wrapped candy, so 9 cells 1 cell is the wrapped candy at the center so the explosion would be the 8 cell surrounding the wrapped candy but wait its not just 1 explosion but 2 times explosion., sounds nice right.

Now lets go combining 5 the same candies in a row, im sure you know what im talking about.

Okay after making this 5 the same candies in a row or a column you will be awarded with a special power up. Looks like a donut this is the hardest power up to make because it requires 5 the same candies, But if you think so hard you can always make this power up.

What this power up do? Well this donut sorry i dont know what it is but i love the way i called it donut becuase its round and colorful, back to the topic this power up doesnt need to combine to form a row, just simply swipe it upward or sidewards and it will clear all the candies that it was combined.


You Swipe this donut with a blue candy, all blue candies in the puzzle will be completely wipe out do you get what i mean, if not maybe you should wait my next blog for the power up combinations.

That's it hope you like my blog and i hope you get what i mean happy gaming.

Thanks for spending time visiting and reading my blog.

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