Friday, April 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga (Facebook, Ios, Android)

Candy Crush Saga

I guess all of you are playing this game, well to start about this game this game is so addicting, even adults are very addicted to this game, this game is kinda a puzzle game where you need to swap candies to form a vertical or horizontal with the same candies in each row minimum candies is 3.

Candy Crush Saga is available for Facebook, Ios, and Android devices.
For facebook just type Candy Crush Saga in the search bar.
For Idevices search Candy Crush Saga on the Itunes Store
For Android devices Just type Candy Crush Saga on Google Play Store

As of now Candy Crush Saga has more than 300+ addicting game levels. This game syncs with your facebook account so you can see your others friends who play this game. Compete with them and earn the top scores in each level and be the first to reach the top.

There is also a Shop here that is called Yeti Shop here u can buy powerups to improve your game and to help you finish levels faster than the others but it cost you bucks. You might check it if you want and you can purchase anything if you need to. It will help you to gain a big advantage in every level.

Charm of Life - This power up increase your life limit to 8, and if u buy it it instantly refills your life

Charm Of Stripes - This Charm lets you paint Stripes on any candy once per game.

Charm of Frozen Time - This charm help you stop the time on levels with time limits

Now you know the Charms and their uses you can see in the above picture the payments accepted for you to be able to purchase those Charms.

Payments for charms:
Facebook Credits
and many more

Now Im done introducing the game Next post will be the Game and Strategy

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