Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Okay Candy Crush Jelly SAGA this, we all know that this Candy Crush Saga takes a big part in our life. And now King is back for more with some new added features Candy Crush Saga they added some new tricks to the game and i find it harder than before. Im just starting to play this game and i will post some tips and tricks later on. Lets talk more about the game for a starter

When you start the game i have noticed that you get a lollipop for free, and during early stages is a little bit more harder compare to the first Candy Crush Saga. many tiles were early blocked and it makes harder they also add some new combinations which i will discuss on the new topic when i get into it. as of now im only on level 15 and im staring to learn everything new to this game but it makes it more challenging to me because of the harder levels.

Ill just post a short demo video for you guys, the actual gameplay so you can see check it out below

Saturday, January 9, 2016

No 1 Trending for Android and Ios - Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2  is available on both Android and Apple devices. You can check ur Appstore and Google Playstore and download it for free. On this post i will show you a brief introduction on the gameplay i will also post a demo video gameplay so you can be able to see it first before u download it for you to save time. 

After Downloading the game you will arrive at the main menu, from there you can practice the controls. in this game we only have 2 action buttons a punch and a kick button, practice your moves and attacks on the main screen or the home menu. See pic below

Next will try to go for some action lets play the story mode, tournament mode is also available you can earn gold for fight for purchasing items. and upgrading your skills.

On the fight scene we just have to knockout and beat the opponent we can perform a head strike, critical strike and some of the chain combos. it is very easy to play because ithis game has minimal buttons only an punch and kick button

As soon as you beat enemies you gain exp points and you gain a level. Leveling is the most important thing when you get a level you learn some new moves and combination attacks.

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

No 1 Top Android Games - Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami very addictive game available on Android and Apple devices. You can also play it on PC via BlueStacks.

Game is like a race where u collect people and turn them into zombies, you collect coins and zombies for you ranking. coins are spent on the market so you can fully customize your zombies. Coins are also spent to buy and upgrade your power ups on the game. You can get special power ups on game Like tsunami where your you zombie ride a tsunami and destroy all along your path.

Jump on the cliff and dont let your zombies draft. collecting more brains get u a points for lottery.

Gold power ups. This power ups turn your zombies into gold and all obstacles you will hit will turn into gold. Having this power up lets you earn your gold fast.

Live Demo Game Play 

No 1 Trending Android Games for 2016 - MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

As I open up my Google Playstore I noticed this game on the top chart seems number 3 trending app so i try to download this game. Game is cool takes a lot time to download so i feel it has a good game quality and graphics because of the larger files. I thought this is just an MARVEL game like on facebook years ago but its totally different its an 3D Role Playing Game.

I though it was only around 50mb but when i open the application it has another download.

As i have finished downloading it this is the first screen i arrived a tutorial. It has amazing graphics quality and a good fighting style. I played Thor on that tutorial and i was pretty impressed with game graphics quality. The sounds is good. The skill effects are pretty amazing.

This is the main home screen. You will build a team with 3 members. Energy are consumed when doing story mode. characters have level. You get experience on playing story made and unlock your character skills. Black widow, Captain America, and Iron man are your starting heroes on the game. Play it on story mode this is an amazing game

These are the list of character need to be unlock and bought by crystals. Get crystals by playing game and complete tasks or by buying on their shop.

This is a worth to download game and i Highly recommend you guys to download and play this game
I'll post a Demo Game play of this game as soon as i finished uploading it.

Demo Gameplay

Friday, January 8, 2016

Swing by Ketchapp


Swing another highly addictive game from Ketchapp i highly recommend this for you guys if you looking for some time killing game well this game is for you. Game is very easily to play as the title it says you just need to swing from each platform to the next platform.

As you can see on the screenshot above you just have to calculate the distance. rope is automatically pulled by the character and you need to tap the screen if you want to swing. be careful not tapping it because the platform ur standing might not be enough for you so you can fall. be Sure to calculate the right distance and timing for you to be able to jump on the next platform. Falling on the platform is a game over

Watch the live gameplay demo of the video below 

Twist by Ketchapp


A New very addictive Mobile games for your android and apple devices.. Like Piano Tiles 2 this Game is very and highly addictive. Search Twist on your Appstore and Google Playstore and download it for free. or you can just click the link below

See the screenshot below

You Just have to tap on the Tiles and jump the ball into it for you to survive. Speed and tiles becomes more harder as the game goes and you to be a little quick to tap on the right tiles. Be careful on tapping you might tap the wrong tiles and the game might ended. Be sure to focus and tap the next right tile for you to survive

Here's a Demo Video for you guys just watch and enjoy

PS: sorry for my gameplay its my first time and i played it thru Bluestacks very hard to use mouse in this game by the way watch and enjoy dont forget to share and subscribe on my youtube EveryGamerz

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a very addicting game. Piano tiles is available in both Android and Apple Devices and its absolutely free to download just visit your Apple Store and your Google Playstore and search for Piano Tiles 2. See Screenshot below for the actual gameplay.

How to Play:

Piano Tiles 2 is very easy to play. You just have to tap those black tiles before it goes off the screen. Don't miss tapping the black tiles because as soon as u miss 1 black tiles without tapping then the game is over. Tap the Tiles as quickly as possible for the music to continue to play. When u miss to tap the black tiles then the music stop and your game is over

Warning: This game is highly Addictive

Here's a Demo Video for you Guys

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GAS Demo video

GAS Demo Video

Okay so here's an actual video of GAS, Just watch and follow my video if you are having trouble to use the app


Always check your GAS every 8 hours for a free spin



Recent GAS updates includes some Great Prizes see list below


30 Day Champion Skins
- DJ Sona
Spirit Guard Udyr
Dunk Master Darius
Omega Squad Teemo

Permanent Champions

5 Day / 10 Day Ward Skins
SKT T1 Ward (5-Days)
Season 4 Championship Ward(10-Days)

1000 IP
500 IP
300 IP
100 IP

Note: Items and Prizes are shuffled every week. You might wonder why you didn't see some of the prizes indicated above. Log in 3 times a day Gas timer reset every 8 hours so you have a chance of winning prizes 3x a day

LOL Items for free everyday chance


GAS is a free Android and Apple apps that lets you connect your Garena Account and make a free spin. The spin will give you a random items in LOL. Just Click Spin to Win. Make sure to log in you Gaerna Account when you open the App for the first time.

Once you are log in. You will see a window (See Picture above). Click Spin to Win and wait for your price. It will be automatically synced in you Garena LOL Account.

You don't always get a Prize. Not everyday is Christmas Day. Sometimes you will end up Broken. But don't lose hope you'll get another free Spin in a few Hours. Be Sure to Check it out.

I will be uploading a Video Tutorial and will update this article as soon as the Video is out.


How to increase RAM/Speed in Bluestacks to make it more faster and smoother


We all know that Bluestacks is a bit laggy and it consumes a lot of our computers memory.
you can check it by Settings/App/Running it consumes 768 by default. Okay so now i will teach you how to speed up our Bluestacks because as a gamer having a laggy game play sucks. That's why i wrote this blog to help you speedup Bluestacks.

Bluestacks Tweaks

1.Close all the running Bluestacks processes by HD-Quit located in C:/Program Files/Bluestacks.
2.Go to your Windows Run Command or you can press on your keyboard the windows logo + R

3.Type regedit


5.Now see on the right hand side; Find MEMORY; Double click on it; Change from Hexadecimal to Decimal; You can see that the value is roughly 768; Change to 1024.
NOTE: Keep values according to the specifications of your PC. Don't SHARE more than half of your PC RAM to Bluestacks. 
Step 6: Now close Regedit and Restart your PC.
Step 7: Reopen 
Bluestacks and follow Step 1. You will see the the total RAM usable will have increased to around 850 MB. 

And you feel now the difference. If you have any comments or questions just feel free to leave a comment below.

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BlueStacks 2 - Play android app to your PC, Desktop, Laptop


Do you want to play your favorite android apps on your computer?
do you want to boost your android game for a double client?
You don't have extra android cellphone?
you don't have enough money to buy a new android phone?

Well don't worry I have some exciting new for you, You can download now BlueStacks.
Blue is a standalone windows program that lets you download and play your favorite android games or any apps that's  available on the Google Play store. Yes your'e reading it right and you know what its absolutely free.

Here's a Screenshot of the BlueStacks for Windows


For win XP, 7, 8, 10

If you want to download and try the application download it on the link below on their official website

Thank you for your time visiting and reading my blog