Friday, January 8, 2016

How to increase RAM/Speed in Bluestacks to make it more faster and smoother


We all know that Bluestacks is a bit laggy and it consumes a lot of our computers memory.
you can check it by Settings/App/Running it consumes 768 by default. Okay so now i will teach you how to speed up our Bluestacks because as a gamer having a laggy game play sucks. That's why i wrote this blog to help you speedup Bluestacks.

Bluestacks Tweaks

1.Close all the running Bluestacks processes by HD-Quit located in C:/Program Files/Bluestacks.
2.Go to your Windows Run Command or you can press on your keyboard the windows logo + R

3.Type regedit


5.Now see on the right hand side; Find MEMORY; Double click on it; Change from Hexadecimal to Decimal; You can see that the value is roughly 768; Change to 1024.
NOTE: Keep values according to the specifications of your PC. Don't SHARE more than half of your PC RAM to Bluestacks. 
Step 6: Now close Regedit and Restart your PC.
Step 7: Reopen 
Bluestacks and follow Step 1. You will see the the total RAM usable will have increased to around 850 MB. 

And you feel now the difference. If you have any comments or questions just feel free to leave a comment below.

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