Friday, April 12, 2013

Garena Messenger Plus


What is Garena? Garena is a game platform as of 2008 im a garena player ever since garena was launched i think around year 2007, Ive been online everyday using my Garena or now known as Garena+ / Garena Plus, Garena is a good and excellent platform, what does Garena do? it connects players to be able to play multiplayer. Sounds good right? so here we go.

Here is Garena Login Interface

You can add up my account if you want feel free to add me teardrophon2

What are the features of Garena?

     LAN Games - a nice feature of Garena that enable online users to play via LAN. many users use this feature to play DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients) and many featured game that i will mention later.

     Garena Talk - Garena talk is a nice feature that lets you use your mic to have a conversation in a room, like a yahoo it has voice feature that enables user to have a quick and easy conversation.

     Facebook Connect - Garena Facbook Connect enables the user to sync their facebook contacts to their Garena Messenger for a quick access to chat and conversation.

     Windows Live Messenger Connect - another great feature of garena messenger that enables user to sync their windows live messenger contacts to garena messenger another quick access for your contacts nice and thumbs up for this Garena Messenger

     Clan / Groups - garena has this feature to enable to create or join clan for your gaming experience, users can create their own clan invite friends or you may able to apply or join an existing clan for a great gamig experience to quickly interact with your buddies, friends, and clanmates.

     Message Management - another great feature of Garena Messenger that enables user to monitor their messages and notifications history, chat history in game and system notifications.

     Themes - tired of seeing your garena messenger well with this feature you can customize the look background and color of your garena messenger you can fully selected preset themes that suits your gaming experience

You can see at this picture how many online players almost 1.3M players online as of today 4/12/13 4:31PM, this gaming platform is just so awesome very reliable very user friendly.

For Downloads and Registration
Just use Google Search and type the keyword Garena

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