Saturday, January 9, 2016

No 1 Trending Android Games for 2016 - MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

As I open up my Google Playstore I noticed this game on the top chart seems number 3 trending app so i try to download this game. Game is cool takes a lot time to download so i feel it has a good game quality and graphics because of the larger files. I thought this is just an MARVEL game like on facebook years ago but its totally different its an 3D Role Playing Game.

I though it was only around 50mb but when i open the application it has another download.

As i have finished downloading it this is the first screen i arrived a tutorial. It has amazing graphics quality and a good fighting style. I played Thor on that tutorial and i was pretty impressed with game graphics quality. The sounds is good. The skill effects are pretty amazing.

This is the main home screen. You will build a team with 3 members. Energy are consumed when doing story mode. characters have level. You get experience on playing story made and unlock your character skills. Black widow, Captain America, and Iron man are your starting heroes on the game. Play it on story mode this is an amazing game

These are the list of character need to be unlock and bought by crystals. Get crystals by playing game and complete tasks or by buying on their shop.

This is a worth to download game and i Highly recommend you guys to download and play this game
I'll post a Demo Game play of this game as soon as i finished uploading it.

Demo Gameplay