Friday, April 12, 2013

A Deeper Look into Garena Messenger

A Deeper Look into Garena+ / Garena Plus

Well i have already stated some features of Garena Messenger in my last Post so now for this post i want to share to you the games that you could play using your Garena Messenger. Garena Messenger is just awesome enabling people online or gamers to play and interact with other players. Playing with others or playing with real people is just a good gaming experience. Unlike past few years online gaming is not that wide. Few years ago online community is not that huge, but now many programs, platforms, and games are enabling you to play, battle online with some real people this gaming community now is just a hit. Honestly playing with other people is an extreme excitement that bring your gaming experience to the highest level.

Lets take a look inside Garena Plus

Garena Plus

Here in this picture you can see the Garena LAN Game, here you can find many different games that are playable via LAN

Listed Games are:

Age of Empires I
Age of Empires II
Battlefield II
Call of Duty
Enemy Territory
Killing Floor
Red Alert 3
War3 RPG
War3 TFT
League of Legends (LOL)
Heroes of Newerth (HON)

There are lot of Games to choose you can choose whatever games you want to play you might give it a try its fun to play online with real different people not just an computer ai player. Playing with real people is hard and fun. Hard because sometimes you might argue, Fun because interacting is fun do you agree?

Garena now is a big success with its million players across the world, Garena hits and contribute big part in the online gaming industry.

Why dont you try Garena now, It's Free to register, free to download and take your gaming experience to the next level

On my feature post ill try to post different reviews gameplays on the games listed above.

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Take a Look to the one of the most played in Garena Messenger

Garena Heroes of Newerth