Friday, April 12, 2013

Heroes of Newerth Introduction

Heroes of Newerth

My post is all about Heroes of Newerth, if you’re familiar about this game then its good for you but for those who are not well you might some spend you’re time reading this blog it might get you interested to this game, If you love DOTA well this games for you. This game is like DOTA but in a newer level, much intense hype, much amazing gameplay and graphics.

Heroes of Newerth a 5 on 5 team gameplay a strategy game just its like an DOTA to a higher level, graphics are awesome. With 3 lanes, each team must consist of 3 roles a killer or a carry, ganker, and a tanker would be great for teamplays.
In this game you need strategy and gameplays, map consist of 3 lanes 3 towers each lane you must defend you towers and destroy you enemies tower for you to be able to win this game.
There are also power ups in this game which will help you become more powerful and take advantage of it. This game doesn’t depend on how many kills and deaths you have winning is about strategy destroying your enemies throne winning is not calculated by getting kills.
For me ganking is the key to game when I say ganking it means killing enemies with your team, or hunting them when they are farming.

In my future post ill be discussing some basic about Heroes of Newerth Gameplay.
Basics about
And more about the game

Happy gaming everyone