Monday, April 29, 2013

Modern War

Modern War

Modern war i s a popular game now on itunes and google store, It is a combat strategy game that lets you fight you enemies from country to country. Join faction in fight some other faction. This game is good all over i can rate this game a 5/5. This game looks like similar to crime city a popular facebook and appstore game a year ago. This game is so simili to Crime City, Hot the game flows the graphics and some of the features.

Build your own base and complete some goals to dominate your enemies, build some units to easily complete your missions and goals, build your armies and collect and buy many weapons as you can to easily dominate your foe in a fight. 

This game uses energy to complete your goals fast. Everytime you do something your energy decrease, and it regenerates as time pass by. Your stamina is the key to be able to fight other players it also decreases every fight you made. You just have to use your energy and stamina wisely it also increase every minute.

There are some also upgrades you need to your barracks to be able to produce more stronger armies to win the fight. Build your base upgrade your structures and conquer other country.

This game is very addicted I highly recommend this game to all of you. This game is available in all i devices in appstore and some android platform in google play store. This game is free to download. It also have a monthly domination event you can join and see your country dominate them.

I might give you some tips to fully owned this game and conquer your other country and enemies, all you have to do is play this game continuously, play this game every minute, every hour, and every day and you can see that your climbing to the top and your owning you enemies, and conquering other country.

Thanks for spending your time raeding and visiting my blog happy gaming