Friday, April 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Candies Combination

Candy Crush Saga

Okay now lets Start the game:

Type of game:

 Bring Down the ingredients in this type of game you must bring own all the ingredients in the game to the bottom of the puzzle with the number of moves given to you and by completing the required score.
 Clear are the Jelly, simple as that you just need to pop up and clear all the jellies in the puzzle and you should meet up the required score to be able to finish the game.
 Collect all orders in this game you need to finish all the requirements and meet the required scored to finish the game.

 In this type of game you are given a specific time to meet the required points to finish the game. Failure to meet the required score within the specific time results to gameover.

Okay now lets go to the real game play.

Okay now lets go to the lines below is a picture of 4 line, getting 4 lines in a row will give you a special stripes candy.

Here is the vertical stripes candy im talking about, this vertical stripe candy is a good power up when this stripe candy combine with other two or more two form another row it will explode and clear all the ling vertically, it clears all the jellies in its row.

 Now lets go to the vertical, getting 4 the same candies can make a special horizontal stripe candy

 This it the horizontal stripe candy produce by getting 4 the same candies in a row or column same as i mentioned above but it explodes horizontally

 Now lets go to the L shape pattern in this pattern we create an L shape of the same candies it's kinda hard to create this kind of pattern but you might have this accidentally when you're playing what power up we will get forming this pattern well explain below.

This it the result of combining L shape pattern a wrapped candy this power up is powerful, once you combined it with 2 or more same candies in a row or column it will explode up to 9 cell the center of explosion is the wrapped candy, so 9 cells 1 cell is the wrapped candy at the center so the explosion would be the 8 cell surrounding the wrapped candy but wait its not just 1 explosion but 2 times explosion., sounds nice right.

Now lets go combining 5 the same candies in a row, im sure you know what im talking about.

Okay after making this 5 the same candies in a row or a column you will be awarded with a special power up. Looks like a donut this is the hardest power up to make because it requires 5 the same candies, But if you think so hard you can always make this power up.

What this power up do? Well this donut sorry i dont know what it is but i love the way i called it donut becuase its round and colorful, back to the topic this power up doesnt need to combine to form a row, just simply swipe it upward or sidewards and it will clear all the candies that it was combined.


You Swipe this donut with a blue candy, all blue candies in the puzzle will be completely wipe out do you get what i mean, if not maybe you should wait my next blog for the power up combinations.

That's it hope you like my blog and i hope you get what i mean happy gaming.

Thanks for spending time visiting and reading my blog.

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