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Tilt To Live

Tilt to Live


Tilt to live if you not familiar about this game kindly checkout and take time to read. Well this game is very addictive.

First before i start some review about this game, this game is available on all idevices such as iphone,ipad, and itouch.
kindly feel free to visit appstore, free version is available for download but you might want to purchase the full version check out appstore
for the price of the full version.

This game works by the accelerometer of the device, by tilting your device i hope you know what im talking about. So do you have any idea how
the game works?

This game is played by avoiding to crash on some red dots that appear on your game screen. Earn points and unlock achievements while playing long
as long as you play the harder the game starts.

This game has no choices for difficulty because the longer you survive the harder the game gets and and there are different kinds of powers to
help you destroy the red dots that are chasing you and suvive longer.

There are 5 different kinds of gametype.

1.Classic mode - This mode is the normal type of the game play

2.Code Red - This mood is same as the classic mode but much more harder because the red dots spawns much more faster than normal.

3.Gauntlet Evolved - This mode is different, where you have to collect the orbs and to not let you get touch by the red dots while dodging there attacks, attacks are formed by Knife or Axe.

4.Frostbite - this mode is where you try really hard to smash all of the frozen red dots before they touch the ground and if they touch the ground they will released from there frozen state and will chase you down. There will be 1 power up to help you fight them.

5.Viva la Turrt! - This mode is basically performed getting the turret power up and shooting all the red dots from the turret and collecting all the jewels to get much more points.

Power Ups this are the special items that you can get while playing this power ups will help you survice some instances and will help you kill those red dots chasing you.
I dont know the names of the power ups but i will name it thay i think.

Nuclear - a red power up that explodes in a small range, it will help you to escape some instances with using this nuclear.


Homing - A yellow ball that fires up a homing missile destroying red dots, thats why i call it Homing.


Crystal - A blue power up that when bumped explode and froze red dots near to it, when red dots are frozen u can quickly bumped to it to break it and earm some points.


Wave - A color violet power up that lets you fire a like sonic wave, this wave fires up to 1.5 second charge so be sure to aim good before firing, using this wave correctly will be a good choice to survive the game.


Spike - A blue power up that when activated your cursor will be surrounded by spikes and you can quickly chase some red dots to destroy and earn points.


Shield - a green power up that activates a shield. This shield is very useful it can save your life once, and once you've been hitted by a dot with a shield you will now die and the shield will explode killing some dots.


Blackhole - A color violet power ups that when bumped it will bounce and countdown to 5 seconds and a blackhole will appear attracting all the red dots including you.

Turret - A power up that will quickly turn your cursos into a turret, this turret shoots bullet so you can shoot some red dots using your turret.
    Tip: while you are in a turret you can quickly shoot another turret power up be sure to hit it continously when you do it correctly the turret power up will come close to you until it reaches you and activate another turret to yourself.

Fire - A power up that charges fire. This power up is also helpful escaping some instances when you are about getting cornered. This power up will charge a second and you can control it, the path you walk will have a fire that burns red dots.

Electric - A power up that gives you an electric charge, its veryuseful when dots are closely connectd to each other just give them a bump and electric currently will continue to flow to the connected dots gaining you a plus bonus points.

Sorry to Say I don't still have the other screenshots of the power ups, My Ipad have been recenlty formatted and i lose all my game data, Inlcluding those power ups that have been unlocked before. But I promised to update this blog to provide screenshot to other power ups. I dont want to stole others pictures from Google, I want to provide my own screenshot.
This game is highly addictive so be careful. Another great tip is you need to unlock achievements so you can unlock other power ups in game.

Note: Starting the game first time gives you few power ups so you need to complete and finish some achievements to be able to unlock some power ups.

Tip: Be sure to kill red dots not only to dodge them with this technique u can quickly game combo, another thing is to survive as much as you can.

Why dont you give a try to this game I am surely you will love this game.

Thanks for giving time visiting and rading my blog

Happy Gaming everyone

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