Monday, April 29, 2013

Hay Day


Have you ever heard of this game? Hay Day is a top grossing and top free apps on the apple store. This game is also created by the Supercell the creator of the one of the most popular game Clash of Clans. Supercell is the leading applications in the appstore because of the good quality games they created.

Well Lets start with this Game Hay day is a fastest growing game now in the appstore. This Game is a strategy game just like a farmville or much closer to farmville 2 because of its unique gameplay and an awesome graphics it has. Hay day is like a harvesting game where you should visit your farm every minute, every hour, or every day to be able to harvest your products, This game is good, its user friendly, it also has a good community which can easily help you in the game because this game is leading on the apple store.

Your main objective to the game is to plant crops then sell your crops, breed animals, sell their products, or you can make new products to the products of your crops and animals. You can also connect your facebook or game center friends so that if you need something you can easily look for a hand to help you using your friends. This game also has a goal to reach. You can complete each goal to easily help you earn money and gold.This game has  a lot of new features when planting and harvesting crops you can easily drag your fingers to the plowed soil and crops are being planted easily just swipe you fingers for a fast planting, this feature is very good upgrade to the old strategy game where you need to click each soil to plant.

I enjoyed playing this game during my spare time, It can help me overcome my stress and serve as my stress reliever. This game is so easy to play you wont get hard time because it has a tutorial on the first time you open the game. 

Overall I can rate this game a 5/5, Its pretty awesome game, contents, graphics, gameplay, and community is good. You might try it you can easily get addicted and hooked into this game. Just search Hayday on apple store and download it for free.

But let me remind you first that this game requires an active internet connection every time you connect to the game.

Thanks for spending time visiting and reading my blog happy gaming everyone.