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Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor

Bridge constructor is a simulation game that needs a lot of thinking and a little bit knowledge, well this game is a build construction game even though you are not a real engineer you can build your own bridge here.

Before we start this game is available on the following devices:
  • Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S
  • Apple iPad, 2, 3
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Android 2.2
  • PC
For Ios Devices this game require Ios 4+

Feel free to check appstore and google play store for the download
I think this game cost 1.99$.

Okay back to the game, in this game you played as a bridge constructor, you are given a limited budget for each stage to use to buy materials for your bridge, the less money you use the more points you will earn.

Tip: Spending few money or budget on a certain level will give you achievements.

This game has more than 30 levels to choose from, You cannot proceed to the next level or area until you complete the current level you are in. Just be sure to spend your money wisely in every levels, you cannot exceed to the budget you have per level.

Bridge Constructor gives you a good experience on how to fully build a bridge to reach the expected cost. Some level might give you limited materials for example a level where you can only use wood as a material for your bridge, sometimes you can use metal for your construction

Here is the list of material available on the whole game. Remember the longer the materials you used the higher cost will be. There is also a length limit for each materials

Wood this material is the main material for your bridge, all level requires this wood to be as the main road of your bridge. It cost cheap than any other materials prices depends on the length of the wood.

    Stone this material doesn't necessarily needed, this stone used as a          foundation in the side of your bridge, this stone cost much but with a higher
durability among the other material. Stone and wire is a good combination for the support of your bridge. You can only build this stone on yellow dots. Costs depends on how tall your stone is.

Wire a very nice material to use, very cheap and has a longer length. This wire is very usable in many situation building like hanging bridge which your wire can be used to sustain the pressure of your bridge, Use this wire wisely and you can save a lot of money. Thumbs up for this material.

 Steel a good material but cost much than wood, but this material has more durability than wood in can sustain more than wood. I don't use this material as much as wood but its a good substitute for wood, Again cost vary depending on the length of the material.

This game has 5 areas to choose from, remember before you can proceed to the next area you have to finish your current area first

First Area - Westlands
 A very nice area with 8 levels for beginners

Second Area - Central Mainland
Area with also 8 levels to finish an advance stage for beginners with few challenging levels

Third Area - The Ridge
Still consist of 8 levels but difficulty increase at this middle game, more challenging bridges

Fourth Area - Eastern Mainland
Well at this stage it has also 8 levels, when you're in this level you are a great bridge constructor
levels are harder now and more complicated and challenging.

 Fifth Area - Tamassee
At last you're on the final area 8  levels of small bridges but you need to allocate carefully your budget. This area is a bit challenging.

During game play the game will provide you a grid spacing for you to be able to calculate your materials and bridge accurately. Build your bridge now and test your skills each level gets harder and harder. Connect each materials on the dots. In this stage basic building techniques a triangle support is a good pattern that results to a higher durability of the bridge, simple yet effective way.

Once you have completed your bridge and you think its strong enough for the vehicles to pass press the play button to test it first with cars, if cars can pass then you're good to go you might test the trucks to see if your bridge can handle trucks.

If the trucks pass successfully on your bridge then congratulations you have just build your first bridge and be ready for more challenge.

If you are stuck in a level you might give another try to revised the design of your bridge. This games requires knowledge skills creativity and patience.

I have been playing this game and i already finish all the levels with lots of achievements.

There are more than 30 levels waiting for you. Try it now and become a bridge constructor now

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